Monitoring of soil erosion in Cappadocia region (Selime-Aksaray-Turkey)

  title={Monitoring of soil erosion in Cappadocia region (Selime-Aksaray-Turkey)},
  author={H. Yılmaz and M. Yakar and O. Mutluoglu and M. Kavurmaci and K. Yurt},
  journal={Environmental Earth Sciences},
A fairy chimney is a conical rock formation, typically found in the Cappadocia region of Turkey. The geology of areas where fairy chimneys exist typically comprise a thick layer of tuff, covered by a thin layer of basalt or other volcanic rocks that are more resistant to erosion than the underlying tuff. Fairy chimneys are formed where a small cap or boulder of the original basalt remains, protecting a cone of tuff beneath it from erosion. Eventually, the tuff will be undercut to the extent… Expand
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