Monitoring of opioid therapy in advanced cancer pain patients.

  title={Monitoring of opioid therapy in advanced cancer pain patients.},
  author={Sebastiano L Mercadante and Gabriella Dardanoni and L. Salvaggio and M. G. Armata and Antonella Agnello},
  journal={Journal of pain and symptom management},
  volume={13 4},
Until now, there have not been any parameters to monitor opioid therapy in cancer patients with pain. In this study, 325 consecutive advanced cancer patients were scheduled for a prospective longitudinal survey. After exclusions, 67 patients were surveyed. All included patients were advanced cancer patients with pain that required opioid therapy for more than 6 weeks before death. Opioid escalation, symptoms associated with opioid therapy, pain mechanism, and pain intensity were recorded… CONTINUE READING
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