Monitoring of Atmospheric Behaviour of NOx from Vehicular Traffic

  title={Monitoring of Atmospheric Behaviour of NOx from Vehicular Traffic},
  author={S Lal and Rashmi S. Patil},
  journal={Environmental Monitoring and Assessment},
  • S. LalR. S. Patil
  • Published 1 April 2001
  • Environmental Science
  • Environmental Monitoring and Assessment
In recent years the concern about the behaviour of oxidesof nitrogen (NOx: NO, NO2) in atmospherehas increased considerably. NOx undergoesvarious complex atmospheric reactions to generatesecondary pollutants which are known to cause severeadverse effects on human health. This work focuses onthe study of physical and chemical fate of NOxreleased in the atmosphere from vehicles, which arethe main sources of atmospheric NOx.Keeping the objective and standard guidelines formonitoring in view, two… 

Nitrogen Dioxide Monitoring In Urban Areas of Lahore, Pakistan

  • S. Bilal
  • Environmental Science
    Asian Journal of Environment & Ecology
  • 2022
Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) plays significant role in atmospheric chemistry mainly in secondary air pollutants formation which consequently result in environmental acidification.  It has adverse impact on

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Air pollution is one of the extremely serious problem now a day, primarily due to development of many metropolitan cities. A large number of urban areas and growing industries resulted air pollution

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Monitoring and analyses of various air pollutants like particulate matter (PM 10 ), sulphur dioxide (SO 2 ), nitrogen dioxide (NO 2 ), ozone (O 3 ), carbon monoxide (CO) and ammonia (NH 3 ), as well


The strong urbanization and the socio-economic development of a city cause serious effects on its environment and its population; our study focuses on the air quality of Marrakech city in Morocco,

Nitrogen oxides on the South African Highveld

Satellite retrievals have highlighted the South African Highveld as a region with one of the highest nitrogen oxide (NOx) emission densities in the world. There are numerous sources of NOx on the

An approach for evaluation of proposed air pollution control strategy to reduce levels of nitrogen oxides in an urban environment

In this study, an atmospheric dispersion model along with a systematic emission inventory was used to explore the possible control strategy to reduce ambient levels of nitrogen oxides (NOx) in Kanpur