Monitoring Trends in Global Combat: A New Dataset of Battle Deaths

  title={Monitoring Trends in Global Combat: A New Dataset of Battle Deaths},
  author={Bethany Lacina and N. P. Gleditsch},
  journal={European Journal of Population / Revue europ{\'e}enne de D{\'e}mographie},
  • Bethany Lacina, N. P. Gleditsch
  • Published 2005
  • Economics
  • European Journal of Population / Revue européenne de Démographie
  • Both academic publications and public media often make inappropriate use of incommensurate conflict statistics, creating misleading impressions about patterns in global warfare. This article clarifies the distinction between combatant deaths, battle deaths, and war deaths. A new dataset of battle deaths in armed conflict is presented for the period 1946–2002. Global battle deaths have been decreasing over most of this period, mainly due to a decline in interstate and internationalised civil… CONTINUE READING
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