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Monitoring Poverty and Social Exclusion

  title={Monitoring Poverty and Social Exclusion},
  author={Anushree Parekh and Tom MacInnes and Peter B. Kenway},
Annual report on the state of poverty and social exclusion in the UK. The report is based on 50 indicators and covers low income, worklessness, debt, ill health, poor education and problems in communities. 

Family structure and poverty in the UK: an evidence and policy review

A report of research into links between family structure and poverty, conducted for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

Poverty:The Role of Institutions, Behaviours and Culture

This paper: * reviews evidence on the causes of poverty; * considers the influence of family, employment, geography, education, addiction and debt; and * evaluates the role of individual agency,

Policy Responses to Discrimination and Their Contribution to Tackling Chronic Poverty

This paper is part of a stream of work for the Second Chronic Poverty Report (CPR2) on social change, policy and chronic poverty. It reviews the available literature to attempt to draw lessons on how

Mental health and poverty in the UK – time for change?

Poverty and income inequality have increased in the UK since the 1970s and the recent recession and austerity measures have had a detrimental effect on people with mental health problems and the mental health of the population.

Poverty Dynamics and Social Exclusion: An Analysis of Norwegian Panel Data

Abstract This article aims to examine the relationship between poverty and social exclusion in a dynamic perspective. We look at two dimensions of social exclusion (lack of friendship relationships

Social Work, Poverty And Social Exclusion

1. Introduction 2. Poverty and Social Work 3. Understanding Social Exclusion 4. Broken Britain? The Social Context of Poverty and Social Exclusion 5. Children and Families: Poverty, Abuse and

Introduction: The Future of Local Economic Development

Analyses the debates and contradictions in the government's sub-national policy for economic development and regeneration. This book highlights the implications for local economic development agents,

Study of problems of population's poverty of Russia

The main tendencies of poverty in Russia are considered in the article. It is defined that the main tendency of development of Russian economy for the last years is growth of poverty among the

Major development projects: connecting people in poverty to jobs

This report demonstrates the opportunities for local partners to do more to ensure that unemployed people benefit from job and training opportunities created by development, setting out a framework


Different schools of economic thought have a range of views on poverty, from the nineteenth-century classical and neoclassical definition of poverty, through the Keynesian/neo-liberal shift which