Monitoring Leptospira strain collections: the need for quality control.


The purpose of this study was to perform a 16S sequence-based quality control of two Leptospira strain collections. 16S rRNA gene sequencing was used to verify two Leptospira reference collections provided by the World Health Organization and maintained at a reference laboratory for leptospirosis in Brazil. Among the 89 serovars evaluated, four conflicting… (More)
DOI: 10.4269/ajtmh.2010.09-0558


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@article{Cerqueira2010MonitoringLS, title={Monitoring Leptospira strain collections: the need for quality control.}, author={Gustavo Maia Cerqueira and Alan J A McBride and A. R. S. Queiroz and L. Pinto and Everton Silva and Rudy A. Hartskeerl and Mitermayer G. Reis and Albert Icsang Ko and Odir Antonio Dellagostin}, journal={The American journal of tropical medicine and hygiene}, year={2010}, volume={82 1}, pages={83-7} }