Monilochaetes and allied genera of the Glomerellales, and a reconsideration of families in the Microascales

  title={Monilochaetes and allied genera of the Glomerellales, and a reconsideration of families in the Microascales},
  author={M. R{\'e}blov{\'a} and W. Gams and K. Seifert},
  journal={Studies in Mycology},
  pages={163 - 191}
  • M. Réblová, W. Gams, K. Seifert
  • Published 2011
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Studies in Mycology
  • We examined the phylogenetic relationships of two species that mimic Chaetosphaeria in teleomorph and anamorph morphologies, Chaetosphaeria tulasneorum with a Cylindrotrichum anamorph and Australiasca queenslandica with a Dischloridium anamorph. Four data sets were analysed: a) the internal transcribed spacer region including ITS1, 5.8S rDNA and ITS2 (ITS), b) nc28S (ncLSU) rDNA, c) nc18S (ncSSU) rDNA, and d) a combined data set of ncLSU-ncSSU-RPB2 (ribosomal polymerase B2). The traditional… CONTINUE READING
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