Monilethrix in Pattern Distribution in Siblings: Diagnosis by Trichoscopy

  title={Monilethrix in Pattern Distribution in Siblings: Diagnosis by Trichoscopy},
  author={Nilam Jain and Uday Sharadchandra Khopkar},
  booktitle={International journal of trichology},
Monilethrix is a heritable hair shaft defect characterized by localized or diffuse alopecia resulting from hair fragility over friction areas, predominantly the temporal and occipital regions, and follicular keratosis over the occipital region. However, it lacks macroscopic features that enable easy and rapid diagnosis in medical practice. Hair shaft microscopy is the basis for diagnosing monilethrix. We present a report of two Indian male siblings aged 24 and 21, who presented with thinning… CONTINUE READING

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