Monboddo and Rousseau

  title={Monboddo and Rousseau},
  author={Arthur Oncken Lovejoy},
  journal={Modern Philology},
  pages={275 - 296}
  • A. Lovejoy
  • Published 1 February 1933
  • Psychology
  • Modern Philology
Monboddo’s ‘ugly tail’: the question of evidence in enlightenment sciences of man
ABSTRACT The erudite James Burnet, Lord Monboddo (1714–1799), member of the Select Society and judge of the Court of Session in Edinburgh, wrote many pages about the existence of ‘men with tails’ and
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Abstract John Roemer has argued in favour of rehabilitating Kanitanism as an antidote to the kind of utilitarian incentivisation theories associated with neoliberal economics. This article asks
The Evolution of Language: Towards Gestural Hypotheses
A translation of Żywiczynski, P., Wacewicz, S. (2015): Ewolucja jezyka. W strone hipotez gesturalnych. Torun, Wydawnictwo Naukowe UMK. This is a submitted manuscript version. The publisher should be
Thomas Jefferson
Language and the Edges of Humanity: Orang-Utans and Wild Girls in Monboddo and Peacock
Abstract In late eighteenth-century Europe, attempts at defining the human and differentiating it from other species were closely linked to inquiries after its historical origins, and these again
The Africans’ “Place in Nature”
The terms “racism” and “racist” have become highly emotive since the 1930’s, when a special variety of racism was taken up and carried to power in Germany by the National Socialist Party. The


To the Memory of Lord Monboddo" by Lord Neaves, a colleague of the same bench