Monascin inhibits IL-1β induced catabolism in mouse chondrocytes and ameliorates murine osteoarthritis.

  title={Monascin inhibits IL-1β induced catabolism in mouse chondrocytes and ameliorates murine osteoarthritis.},
  author={Gang Zheng and Yu Hao Zhan and Qian Tang and Tianhe Chen and Fanghong Zheng and Haoli Wang and Jianle Wang and Dengying Wu and Xiaobing Li and Ying Zhou and Xiaobin Wang and Yaosen Wu and Yifei Zhou and Huazi Xu and Naifeng Tian and Xiaolei Zhang},
  journal={Food & function},
  volume={9 3},
Osteoarthritis (OA) is an age-related degenerative disease and is the fourth major cause of disability, but there are no effective therapies because of its complex pathology and the side effects of the drugs. Previous research demonstrated that inflammation and ECM degradation play major roles in OA development. Monascin is an azaphilonoid pigment extracted from Monascus-fermented rice with a potential anti-inflammatory effect reported in various preclinical studies. In the present study, we… CONTINUE READING
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