Monarchist Clubs and the Pamphlet Debate over Political Legitimacy in the Early Years of the French Revolution

  title={Monarchist Clubs and the Pamphlet Debate over Political Legitimacy in the Early Years of the French Revolution},
  author={Paul R Hanson},
  journal={French Historical Studies},
  • P. Hanson
  • Published 1998
  • History
  • French Historical Studies
On the morning of 14 December 1790, an angry crowd surrounded the royal prison in Aix-en-Provence and forced the release of the marquis de la Roquette and the avocat au parlement Jean Joseph Pascalis. Led by militant members of the Club des anti-politiques, a radical club in Aix composed largely of artisans, the crowd escorted the two men through the streets of Aix to the elegant Cours Mirabeau, where each was hanged by a rope from a street lantern. Later that day the same fate befell Andre… Expand
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