Mona Lisa’s spolvero revealed

  title={Mona Lisa’s spolvero revealed},
  author={Pascal Cotte and Lionel Simonot},
  journal={Journal of Cultural Heritage},
  • P. Cotte, L. Simonot
  • Published 1 September 2020
  • Environmental Science
  • Journal of Cultural Heritage


Mona Lisa: Inside the Painting
Leonardo's "Mona Lisa" is so well known that we think we have heard everything about it. This book is a report from the front of painting conservation science. Advances in radiography, optical
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A high sensitivity, near-infrared staring array camera with a cold filter that blocked light >2450 nm was constructed with a color-corrected macro lens capable of holding interference filters and was characterized in three spectral bands using test targets and art objects.
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The system of differential equations of Kubelka-Munk, -di=-(S+K)idx+Sjdx,         dj=-(S+K)jdx+Sidx(i, j⋯ intensities of the light traveling inside a plane-parallel light-scattering specimen towards
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