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Momentum-space imaging of {\sigma}-orbitals for chemical analysis

  title={Momentum-space imaging of \{\sigma\}-orbitals for chemical analysis},
  author={Anja Haags and Xiaosheng Yang and Larissa Egger and Dominik Brandstetter and Hans Kirschner and Franccois C. Bocquet and Georg Koller and Alexander Gottwald and Mathias Richter and J. Michael Gottfried and Michael G. Ramsey and Peter Puschnig and Serguei Soubatch and F. Stefan Tautz},
Tracing the modifications of molecules in surface chemical reactions benefits from the possibility to image their orbitals. While delocalized frontier orbitals with p-character are imaged routinely with photoemission orbital tomography, they are not always sensitive to local chemical modifications, particularly the making and breaking of bonds at the molecular periphery. For such bonds, s-orbitals would be far more revealing. Here, we show that these orbitals can indeed be imaged in a…