Momentum correlations of a few ultracold bosons escaping from an open well

  title={Momentum correlations of a few ultracold bosons escaping from an open well},
  author={Jacek Dobrzyniecki and Tomasz Sowiński},
  journal={Physical Review A},
The dynamical properties of a one-dimensional system of two bosons escaping from an open potential well are studied in terms of the momentum distributions of particles. It is shown that the single- and two-particle momentum distributions undergo a specific transition as the interaction strength is tuned through the point where tunneling switches from the pair tunneling to the sequential one. Characteristic features in the momentum spectra can be used to quantitatively determine the… 
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CORRIGENDUM: Exact decay and tunnelling dynamics of interacting few-boson systems Exact decay and tunnelling dynamics of interacting few-boson systems
In our paper we actually used a wavefunction-based nonescape probability of finding the full many-body quantum system in the desired region of the total space, rather than (as given in equation (8)