Momentum-based Accelerated Mirror Descent Stochastic Approximation for Robust Topology Optimization under Stochastic Loads

  title={Momentum-based Accelerated Mirror Descent Stochastic Approximation for Robust Topology Optimization under Stochastic Loads},
  author={Weichen Li and X. Zhang},
Robust topology optimization (RTO) improves the robustness of designs with respect to random sources in real-world structures, yet an accurate sensitivity analysis requires the solution of many systems of equations at each optimization step, leading to a high computational cost. To open up the full potential of RTO under a variety of random sources, this paper presents a momentum-based accelerated mirror descent stochastic approximation (AC-MDSA) approach to efficiently solve RTO problems… Expand
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Additive Manufacturing of Topology-Optimized Graded Porous Structures: An Experimental Study
  • Zhi Zhao, Xiaojia Shelly Zhang
  • Materials Science
  • 2021
Graded porous structures, combining the high stiffness of bulk designs and the robustness of porous structures, have received increasing attention in the fields of topology optimization and additiveExpand


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