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Moment stability of stochastic processes with applications to control systems

  title={Moment stability of stochastic processes with applications to control systems},
  author={Arnab Ganguly and Debasish Chatterjee},
We establish new conditions for obtaining uniform bounds on the moments of discretetime stochastic processes. Our results require a weak negative drift criterion along with a statedependent restriction on the sizes of the one-step jumps of the processes. The state-dependent feature of the results make them suitable for a large class of multiplicative-noise processes. Under the additional assumption of Markovian property, new result on ergodicity has also been proved. There are several… 



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Second-order discretization schemes of stochastic differential systems for the computation of the invariant law

  • D. Talay
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • 1990
Methods which are of Second Order for the Approximation of in Finite Time are shown to be Generically of Second order for the Ergodic Criterion.

Iterated Function Systems and Spectral Decomposition of the Associated Markov Operator

We consider a discrete-Markov chain on a locally compact metric space (X, d) obtained by randomly iterating maps Ti, i ∈ IN, such that the probability pi(x) of choosing a map Ti at each step depends