Moment angle complexes and big Cohen –

  title={Moment angle complexes and big Cohen –},
  author={S. Luo and Tomoo Matsumura and William F Moore},
Let ZK C be the moment angle complex associated to a simplicial complex K on Œm , together with the natural action of the torus T D U.1/ . Let G T be a (possibly disconnected) closed subgroup and R WD T=G . Let ZŒK be the Stanley– Reisner ring of K and consider ZŒR  WD H .BRIZ/ as a subring of ZŒT  WD H .BTIZ/ . We prove that H G .ZK IZ/ is isomorphic to Tor ZŒR .ZŒK;Z/ as a graded module over ZŒT  . Based on this, we characterize the surjectivity of H T .ZK IZ/ ! H G .ZK IZ/ (ie H odd G… CONTINUE READING

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