Moment-angle Complexes, Monomial Ideals and Massey Products

  title={Moment-angle Complexes, Monomial Ideals and Massey Products},
  author={Graham C. Denham and Alexander I. Suciu},
  journal={Pure and Applied Mathematics Quarterly},
Associated to every finite simplicial complex K there is a "moment-angle" finite CW-complex, Z_K; if K is a triangulation of a sphere, Z_K is a smooth, compact manifold. Building on work of Buchstaber, Panov, and Baskakov, we study the cohomology ring, the homotopy groups, and the triple Massey products of a moment-angle complex, relating these topological invariants to the algebraic combinatorics of the underlying simplicial complex. Applications to the study of non-formal manifolds and… 

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