Moment Based Transfer Function Design for Volume Rendering

  title={Moment Based Transfer Function Design for Volume Rendering},
  author={Huawei Hou and Ji-zhou Sun and Jiawan Zhang},
With the lucubrating of the research in Computer Supported Collaborative Work, shortening CSCW, people can find the effect of the CSCW in supporting cooperative works in many aspects. But in the design course of an ERP system which is related to a broad range of specialities, and an assembly of capricious members, together with frequently changed system goals, the concept of the CSCW is still not attained enough recognition. As a result, the software in ERP system does not support group-work… 
Genetic algorithm-based image preprocessing for volume rendering optimization
This paper focuses on the processing of the original data-set images and adopts the stochastic search algorithm to optimize the filters in early stage of the volume rendering pipeline.