Molybdenum/beryllium multilayer mirrors for normal incidence in the extreme ultraviolet.

  title={Molybdenum/beryllium multilayer mirrors for normal incidence in the extreme ultraviolet.},
  author={Ken Skulina and Chris Alford and R. M. Bionta and D M Makowiecki and Eric M. Gullikson and Regina Soufli and Jeffrey B Kortright and James H. Underwood},
  journal={Applied optics},
  volume={34 19},
We report on a series of normal-incidence reflectance measurements at wavelengths just longer than the beryllium K-edge (11.1 nm) from molybdenum/beryllium multilayer mirrors. The highest peak reflectance was 68.7 ± 0.2% at λ = 11.3 nm obtained from a mirror with 70 bilayers ending in beryllium. To our knowledge, this is the highest normal-incidence reflectance that has been demonstrated in the 1-80-nm spectral range. 

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