Molybdenittmineraliseringer i Kleivangranitten, Lyngdal

  title={Molybdenittmineraliseringer i Kleivangranitten, Lyngdal},
  author={{\AA}sa Elisabeth Eide Barstad},
Mineralization of molybdenite were discovered in the Kleivan granite, Lyngdal and document that the ore-forming potential of this rare example of a differentiated, A-type, granite. The cryptic zonation up through the igneous stratigraphy was confirmed and is the result of fractional crystallization. A decrease in compatible elements (Sc, Zr, Ba, Ti, Sr, Fe, Zn and Cu) and an increase in incompatible elements (mostly Rb) towards the most evolved parts of the intrusion are advantageous for the… CONTINUE READING


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