Molsidomine increases endotoxic survival and decreases cytokine production.

  title={Molsidomine increases endotoxic survival and decreases cytokine production.},
  author={Norman H Kumins and John Hunt and Richard L. Gamelli and James P Filkins},
  volume={7 3},
We hypothesized that nitric oxide (NO) may exert feedback regulatory control over cytokine production and improve survival in endotoxin (ETX) shock. To test this hypothesis, we evaluated the pre-endotoxin effect of the NO donor molsidomine (MOL) on circulating tumor necrosis factor (TNF), interleukin (IL)-1, and IL-6 levels, the production of these cytokines in the perfused liver, and endotoxic lethality in mice. Male BDF mice weighing 28-32 g were administered either 100 mg/kg MOL or saline… CONTINUE READING


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