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Molluscan aquaculture in China

  title={Molluscan aquaculture in China},
  author={Ximing Guo and S. Ford and Fs Zhang},
  journal={Journal of Shellfish Research},
Molluscan aquaculture in China has been growing rapidly in the past decade. China produced 6.4 million metric tons (MMT) of mollusks from aquaculture in 1996, an eightfold increase over that of 1986, At least 32 species of marine mollusks are cultured commercially in China. The 1996 production included 2.3 MMT of oysters, 1.6 MMT of clams (mostly Ruditapes, Meretrix, razor clams, and blood cockles), 1 MMT of scallops, 0.4 MMT of mussels, 700 tons of abalone, and 20 tons of marine pearls… Expand
Scallops and Scallop Aquaculture in China
Although scallop aquaculture in China has been growing rapidly, its sustainable growth faces some challenges including instability in seed production, the use of coal and antibiotics in hatcheries, excessive culture density at both cage and bay levels, and increasingly frequent and serious mortalities during grow-out. Expand
Current Status and Prospects of Oyster Culture in China
Oyster culture in China has been mainly performed by the five species of Crassostrea ariakensis, C. plicatula, C. gigas, C. talienwhanensis, and Saccostrea cucullata , although about twenty speciesExpand
Use and exchange of genetic resources in molluscan aquaculture
Although the importance of genetic resources is apparent, the identification, protection and utilization of molluscan genetic resources remain a challenge. Expand
Classification of jinjiang oysters Crassostrea rivularis (Gould, 1861) from China, based on morphology and phylogenetic analysis
The jinjiang oyster Crassostrea rivularis [Gould, 1861. Descriptions of Shells collected in the North Pacific Exploring Expedition under Captains Ringgold and Rodgers. Proc. Boston Soc. Nat. Hist. 8Expand
Occurrence and Distribution of Crassostrea sikamea (Amemiya 1928) in China
ABSTRACT Cupped oysters are common and abundant along the coast of China, but their classification has been uncertain. In previous studies, we classified 2 of the cupped oysters into 2 subspecies:Expand
Classification of Common Oysters from North China
This study confirms that the oysters from Weifang, referred to as Jinjiang oysters or C. rivularis (Gould, 1861), are C. ariakensis (Wakiya, 1929), and highlights the need for reclassifying oysters of China with molecular data. Expand
Alien species alert: Crassostrea gigas (Pacific oyster)
Its capacity to adapt to various environmental conditions and temperature fluctuations, coupled with its rapid growth and resistance to highly turbid areas, contributes to its success. Expand
Classification of a Common Cupped Oyster from Southern China
ABSTRACT To resolve the taxonomic status of a small cupped oyster from southern China, we collected and sequenced oysters from 20 sites in China along with sister species from other parts of theExpand
Effects of Mass of Artificial Fouling on the Growth and Survival of Two Scallop Species Cultured in Sanggou Bay, China
This chapter focuses on the interaction between shellfish longline culture and environment in Sungou Bay, China, and the impact of fouling on the growth and survival of the giant scallop. Expand
Chapter 23 Scallop culture in China
This chapter focuses on the biology of the native zhikong scallops, and the current practices of the scallop aquaculture industry in China. Expand