Moll's Cyst Occurring in the Orbital Septum


IMAGES notable findings such as trauma. Upon physical examination, the patient was found to have a protruded mass when she had her eyes closed (Fig. 1). Ultrasonography revealed that the isoechoic mass was 1.6 cm × 0.6 cm in size and had a well-defined margin and a fluid-containing lesion (Fig. 2). Under local anesthesia, we made a transverse incision along the double-eyelid line. The mass presented in the orbital septum. Through an incision of the orbital septum, we exposed the mass (Fig. 3). The mass was encapsulated by a transparent, white fibrous tissue. We carefully dissected it while paying special attention to not damage the levator aponeurosis. The patient wanted a mild blepharoptosis correction at the same time; therefore, we performed surgery on both eyes. Postoperatively, the mass contained a transparent fluid in the unilocular capsule. Histopathological examinations revealed that the tumor was composed of two layers of cuboidal epithelium. These two layers had a columnar shape (Fig. 4). Further, a 1-year follow-up revealed that the patient had no notable findings without recurrence (Fig. 5). Moll’s cyst may also occur in the orbital septum because of congenital factors. That is, it occurs when there are disturbances in the development of the epidermis that should have developed on Moll’s gland in the embryonic stage [2]. Further, it has been reported that Moll’s cyst may also occur as a result of the epidermal invagination of the eyelid from certain acquired causes such as trauma or other iatrogenic factors [3]. Our case developed this cyst for acquired reasons and not congenital ones. This is attributed to Moll’s Cyst Occurring in the Orbital Septum

DOI: 10.5999/aps.2014.41.3.292

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