Molecules Single Single Chromatin Fibre Assembly Using Optical Tweezers

  title={Molecules Single Single Chromatin Fibre Assembly Using Optical Tweezers},
  author={Martin L. Bennink and Lisa H. Pope and Sanford H Leuba and Bart G. de Grooth and J. Greve},
Here we observe the formation of a single chromatin fibre using optical tweezers. A single λ -DNA molecule was suspended between two micron-sized beads, one held by a micropipette and the other in an optical trap. The constrained DNA molecule was incubated with Xenopus laevis egg extract in order to reconstitute a single chromatin fibre. An eight-fold compaction of the DNA molecule was observed in real-time. The compaction kinetics were found to be strongly dependent upon the tension applied to… CONTINUE READING
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