Molecularly imprinted nanospheres by nonaqueous emulsion polymerization.

  title={Molecularly imprinted nanospheres by nonaqueous emulsion polymerization.},
  author={Gita Dvorakova and Robert Haschick and Khalid J Chiad and Markus Klapper and Klaus M{\"u}llen and Andrea Biffis},
  journal={Macromolecular rapid communications},
  volume={31 23},
The preparation of nanosized, molecularly imprinted polymer particles by nonaqueous emulsion polymerization is presented. Monodisperse cross-linked polymer nanospheres with a diameter of around 100 nm were synthesized using a standard monomer mixture of methacrylic acid and ethylene dimethacrylate, containing (±)-propranolol as a template. The rebinding… CONTINUE READING