Molecular wave packet interferometry and quantum entanglement.


We study wave packet interferometry (WPI) considering the laser pulse fields both classical and quantum mechanically. WPI occurs in a molecule after subjecting it to the interaction with a sequence of phase-locked ultrashort laser pulses. Typically, the measured quantity is the fluorescence of the molecule from an excited electronic state. This signal has imprinted the interference of the vibrational wave packets prepared by the different laser pulses of the sequence. The consideration of the pulses as quantum entities in the analysis allows us to study the entanglement of the laser pulse states with the molecular states. With a simple model for the molecular system, plus several justified approximations, we solve for the fully quantum mechanical molecule-electromagnetic field state. We then study the reduced density matrices of the molecule and the laser pulses separately. We calculate measurable corrections to the case where the fields are treated classically.

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