Molecular spectroscopy of 2,5-distyrylpyrazine

  title={Molecular spectroscopy of 2,5-distyrylpyrazine},
  author={Jr. O. Williams and Katarzyna Janecka-Styrcz},
Abstract The molecular absorption and fluorescence spectra of 2,5-distyrylpyrazine (DSP) in a Shpol'skii matrix at 4 K together with the Raman spectrum of crystalline samples at 298 K have been investigated. The transition to the lowest excited singlet state of B u symmetry is of π—π * character and two sites with origins at 23621 cm −1 and 23713 cm −1 are observed in n -tetradecane at 4 K. The DSP molecule has the same conformation in the two sites and, furthermore, the geometry of the… CONTINUE READING

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