Molecular recognition of sialic acid end groups by phenylboronates.

  title={Molecular recognition of sialic acid end groups by phenylboronates.},
  author={Kristina Djanashvili and Luca Frullano and Joop A. Peters},
  volume={11 13},
A multinuclear NMR study of the interaction between phenylboronic acid (PBA) and sialic acid (Neu5 Ac) has been performed. The latter compound is known to be overexpressed on the cell surface of tumor cells. The results of this investigation suggest that the binding of PBA to sialic acid is pH dependent. 17O NMR experiments with glycolic acid as the model compound prove that an interaction at the alpha-hydroxycarboxylate occurs at pH < 9, while a study with threonic and erythronic acids shows… CONTINUE READING