Molecular recognition of agonist ligands by RXRs.

  title={Molecular recognition of agonist ligands by RXRs.},
  author={Pascal F. Egea and Andr{\'e} Mitschler and Dino Moras},
  journal={Molecular endocrinology},
  volume={16 5},
The nuclear receptor RXR is an obligate partner in many signal transduction pathways. We report the high-resolution structures of two complexes of the human RXRalpha ligand-binding domain specifically bound to two different and chemically unrelated agonist compounds: docosa hexaenoic acid, a natural derivative of eicosanoic acid, present in mammalian cells and recently identified as a potential endogenous RXR ligand in the mouse brain, and the synthetic ligand BMS 649. In both structures the… CONTINUE READING
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