Molecular phylogeny of basal gobioid fishes: Rhyacichthyidae, Odontobutidae, Xenisthmidae, Eleotridae (Teleostei: Perciformes: Gobioidei).

  title={Molecular phylogeny of basal gobioid fishes: Rhyacichthyidae, Odontobutidae, Xenisthmidae, Eleotridae (Teleostei: Perciformes: Gobioidei).},
  author={Christine E Thacker and Michael A Hardman},
  journal={Molecular phylogenetics and evolution},
  volume={37 3},

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Gobies are deeply divided: phylogenetic evidence from nuclear DNA (Teleostei: Gobioidei: Gobiidae)
This study is the first to explore this deep divide in gobies and their relationships at the family level using phylogenetic data from nuclear genes (RAG1, rhodopsin) and confirms the split within the Gobiidae.
Molecular Phylogeny of Gobies (Teleostei, Gobiidae) from Iranian Water Bodies with a New Record
This research presents molecular reconstructions of seven goby species from the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Makran, using the nuclear Rag1 and Rhodopsin genes to present more precise phylogenetic relationships among the Gobiidae.
Phylogeny of Gobiidae and identification of gobiid lineages
This study builds on previous work in which gobiids were placed among their gobioid relatives by adding additional taxa as well as additional markers, providing a much more comprehensive portrait of gobiid intrarelationships and including all major lineages of gobies.
Phylogeny of Gobioidei and Placement within Acanthomorpha, with a New Classification and Investigation of Diversification and Character Evolution
This study integrates and expands previous molecular phylogenetic hypotheses to infer a comprehensive gobioid phylogeny, including a variety of outgroup taxa included to confirm sister taxon identity and position of the group among other acanthomorphs.
Eleotridae and Butidae are two clades of gobioid fishes, both differing from relatives Gobiidae and Gobionellidae in that they are generally less morphologically simplified, without joined pelvic
Complete mitochondrial genome sequence of Tridentiger bifasciatus and Tridentiger barbatus (Perciformes, Gobiidae): a mitogenomic perspective on the phylogenetic relationships of Gobiidae
The phylogenetic data was different from the traditionally classification of Gobiidae, but supported the new phylogenetic taxonomy view of Thacker (Copeia 2009:93–104, 2009).


Molecular phylogeny of the gobioid fishes (Teleostei: Perciformes: Gobioidei).
  • C. Thacker
  • Biology
    Molecular phylogenetics and evolution
  • 2003
Molecular phylogeny of gobioid fishes (Perciformes: Gobioidei) based on mitochondrial 12S rRNA sequences.
The molecular phylogeny of the gobioid fishes, comprising 33 genera and 43 valid species, was examined by use of complete mitochondrial 12S rRNA and tRNA(VAL)genes and revealed comparable results and are generally congruent with those of morphological studies.
Phylogeny and Biogeography of the Eleotrid Genus Hypseleotris (Teleostei: Gobioidei: Eleotridae), With Redescription of H. cyprinoides
Morphological and molecular characters are combined in a total evidence phylogenetic analysis in order to investigate the patterns of diversification in Australian and other Hypseleotris, including a consideration of biogeography.
Percomorph phylogeny: a survey of acanthomorphs and a new proposal
The interrelationships of acanthomorph fishes are reviewed and recommend extending the Percomorpha to include the Atherinomorpha (and other smegmamorphs), and argue that this larger group is monophyletic, although this survey does not cover Tetraodontiformes.
Polyphyly of the mail-cheeked fishes (Teleostei: Scorpaeniformes): evidence from mitochondrial and nuclear sequence data.
Redefinition and phylogenetic relationships of the family Pinguipedidae (Teleostei: Perciformes)
The conclusion drawn here is that it is not parsimonious to recognize the monophyly of the Pinguipedidae and Cheimarrichthys based on these nine derived characters, and that these characters are not compelling enough to link these groups.
Tyson belos, new genus and species of Western Pacific fish (Gobiidae, Xenisthminae), with discussions of Gobioid osteology and classification
Tyson belos is described, based on specimens from the Great Barrier Reef, Trobriand Islands, and Lau Islands, a diminutive coral-reef species that appears to be closely related to Xenisthmus Snyder, Allomicrodesmus Schultz, and an undescribed genus.