Molecular phylogeny of Drosophila based on ribosomal RNA sequences

  title={Molecular phylogeny of Drosophila based on ribosomal RNA sequences},
  author={Michel P{\'e}landakis and M. Granel de Solignac},
  journal={Journal of Molecular Evolution},
Nucleotide sequences of 72 species of Drosophilidae were determined for divergent D1 and D2 domains (representing 200 and 341 nucleotides respectively in D. melanogaster) of large ribosomal RNA, using the rRNA direct sequencing method. Molecular phylogenetic trees were reconstructed using both distance and parsimony methods and the robustness of the nodes was evaluated by the bootstrap procedure. The trees obtained by these methods revealed four main lineages or clades which do not correspond… CONTINUE READING