Molecular phylogenetic study in genus Hydra.

  title={Molecular phylogenetic study in genus Hydra.},
  author={Hitomi Kawaida and Hiroshi Shimizu and Toshitaka Fujisawa and Hidenori Tachida and Yoshitaka Kobayakawa},
  volume={468 1-2},
Among 8000-9000 species of Cnidaria, only several dozens of species of Hydrozoa have been found in the fresh water. Hydra is such a fresh water polyp and has been used as a good material for research in developmental biology, regeneration and pattern formation. Although the genus Hydra has only a few ten species, its distribution is cosmopolitan. The phylogenetic relationship between hydra species is fascinating from the aspect of evolutionary biology and biogeography. However, only a few… CONTINUE READING