Molecular pharmacology of human NMDA receptors.

  title={Molecular pharmacology of human NMDA receptors.},
  author={Maiken Hedegaard and Kasper B Hansen and Karen T Andersen and Hans Br{\"a}uner-Osborne and Stephen F Traynelis},
  journal={Neurochemistry international},
  volume={61 4},
N-methyl-d-aspartate (NMDA) receptors are ionotropic glutamate receptors that mediate excitatory neurotransmission. NMDA receptors are also important drug targets that are implicated in a number of pathophysiological conditions. To facilitate the transition from lead compounds in pre-clinical animal models to drug candidates for human use, it is important to establish whether NMDA receptor ligands have similar properties at rodent and human NMDA receptors. Here, we compare amino acid sequences… CONTINUE READING