Molecular modes of action of cantharidin in tumor cells.

  title={Molecular modes of action of cantharidin in tumor cells.},
  author={Thomas H Efferth and Rolf Rauh and Stefan Kahl and Maja Tomici{\'c} and Herbert Boechzelt and Margaret E Tome and Margaret M. Briehl and Rudolf Bauer and Bernd Kaina},
  journal={Biochemical pharmacology},
  volume={69 5},
Cancer chemotherapy is often limited by patient's toxicity and tumor drug resistance indicating that new drug development and modification of existing drugs is critical for improving the therapeutic response. Traditional Chinese medicine is a rich source of potential anticancer agents. In particular, cantharidin (CAN), the active principle ingredient from the blister beetle, Mylabris, has anti-tumor activity, but the cytotoxic mechanism is unknown. In leukemia cells, cantharidin induces… CONTINUE READING


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