Molecular modeling and mutagenesis of gap junction channels

  title={Molecular modeling and mutagenesis of gap junction channels},
  author={Julio A. Kovacsa and Kent A. Bakerb and Guillermo A. Altenbergc and Ruben Abagyana and Mark Yeagera},
  • Julio A. Kovacsa, Kent A. Bakerb, +2 authors Mark Yeagera
  • Published 2007
Gap junction channels connect the cytoplasms of adjacent cells through the end-to-end docking of hexameric hemichannels called connexons. Each connexon is formed by a ring of 24 a-helices that are staggered by 301 with respect to those in the apposed connexon. Current evidence suggests that the two connexons are docked by interdigitated, antiparallel b strands across the extracellular gap. The second extracellular loop, E2, guides selectivity in docking between connexons formed by different… CONTINUE READING