Molecular model of postsynaptic potential.


A molecular model of the excitatory postsynaptic membrane is given in terms of two biochemical cycles intimately associated: an acetylcholine cycle and a calcium cycle. The acetylcholine controls the Na ionophores while calcium ions control the tk ionophore. The two ionophores are spatially separated but interact in such a way that the variation in K conductance precedes that in Na conductance. Digital simulation shows that our model accounts quantitatively for both the evolution of excitatory postsynaptic potential and current in a variety of experimental conditions.


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@article{Dubois1975MolecularMO, title={Molecular model of postsynaptic potential.}, author={Daniel M. Dubois and E. Schoffeniels}, journal={Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America}, year={1975}, volume={72 5}, pages={1749-52} }