Molecular mechanisms of immunosuppression.

  title={Molecular mechanisms of immunosuppression.},
  author={G{\"o}tz Baumann and Gerhard Zenke and Roland M Wenger and Peter C Hiestand and Val{\'e}rie F J Quesniaux and Emily Andersen and M. H. Schreier},
  journal={Journal of autoimmunity},
  volume={5 Suppl A},
The immunosuppressive drug cyclosporin A (CsA, Sandimmun, SIM) is currently being evaluated in a variety of autoimmune disorders with some remarkable successes. Despite the wide empiric application of CsA, the precise mechanism of action of this drug remains elusive. To identify the molecular mode of action of CsA in the process of T cell activation, we have compared the biological profile of cyclophilin-binding cyclosporin analogues (CBCA), which lack immunosuppressive properties, with CsA. We… CONTINUE READING

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