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Molecular mechanisms for T cell recruitment to Hodgkin's lymphoma

  title={Molecular mechanisms for T cell recruitment to Hodgkin's lymphoma},
  author={Lee R Machado and R. Jarrett and S. Morgan and P. Murray and B. Hunter and J. Crocker and W. Thomas and N. Steven and T. Ismail and A. Chapman and D. Adams and Samsik Lee},
For the first time, significant numbers of patients with some solid cancer histologies can be successfully treated using immunological means. Progress in our understanding of immune activation, homeostasis and regulation has reached a “tipping point” that has enabled the development of multiple anti-tumor immune-based strategies. Adoptive cell transfer (ACT) of anti-tumor T cells after the depletion host immune cells causes objective regression in about 50% of the patients. Work on therapeutic… Expand

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