Molecular mechanism of spectral tuning in sensory rhodopsin II.

  title={Molecular mechanism of spectral tuning in sensory rhodopsin II.},
  author={Lei Ren and Collin H Martin and Kevin J. Wise and Nathan B Gillespie and Hartmut Luecke and Janos K. Lanyi and John L. Spudich and Robert R. Birge},
  volume={40 46},
Sensory rhodopsin II (SRII) is unique among the archaeal rhodopsins in having an absorption maximum near 500 nm, blue shifted roughly 70 nm from the other pigments. In addition, SRII displays vibronic structure in the lambda(max) absorption band, whereas the other pigments display fully broadened band maxima. The molecular origins responsible for both photophysical properties are examined here with reference to the 2.4 A crystal structure of sensory rhodopsin II (NpSRII) from Natronobacterium… CONTINUE READING


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