Molecular markers show a complex mosaic pattern of wheat-Thinopyrum intermedium translocations carrying resistance to YDV


Thinopyrum intermedium translocations derived from the wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) substitution line P-29 were previously characterized by RFLP. We have further analyzed these lines and additional related germplasm with publicly available STS and SSRs. Primers which showed a polymorphism between wheat and P-29, were tested in all recombinant and nulli-tetrasomic lines confirming their position on chromosome 7D. The resulting 7D/7E chromosome maps appeared as a mosaic of wheat and Th. intermedium chromatin sections. To verify the composition of the translocation lines suggested by the RFLP-PCR map, F2 progeny of two crosses (CS/216-1 and CS/260-1) were analyzed with molecular markers. Both populations gave an unexpectedly diverse number of recombinant individuals, suggesting that interstitial translocations occur more frequently than previously thought. This analysis also showed that there is a wide range in the number and position of the interstitial translocations within a given line such as the mosaic chromosome in recombinant line 260-1/CS-26, which has four Th. intermedium chromosome segments. Phenotypic data of the two populations suggested the presence of one gene which we have called Bdv3 to differentiate it from the previously reported orthologous gene Bdv2. Using the PCR-based molecular markers identified in this study, 5 out of 12 elite lines that showed good yields and no YDV symptoms contained Th. intermedium chromatin. Due to the multiple components involved in the YDV disease complex, combining selection for YDV resistance with the molecular markers and maps identified in this study will increase the efficiency of introgressing Th. intermedium chromatin containing YDV resistance or other beneficial traits into elite wheat germplasm.

DOI: 10.1007/s00122-010-1365-y

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