Molecular-ion trap-depletion spectroscopy of BaCl +

  title={Molecular-ion trap-depletion spectroscopy of BaCl +},
  author={Kuang Shing Chen and Steven J. Schowalter and Svetlana Kotochigova and Alexander Petrov and Wade G. Rellergert and Scott T. Sullivan and Eric R. Hudson},
  journal={Physical Review A},
We demonstrate a simple technique for molecular-ion spectroscopy. BaCl${}^{+}$ molecular ions are trapped in a linear Paul trap in the presence of a room-temperature He buffer gas and photodissociated by driving an electronic transition from the ground $X {}^{1}{\ensuremath{\Sigma}}^{+}$ state to the repulsive wall of the $A {}^{1}\ensuremath{\Pi}$ state. The photodissociation spectrum is recorded by monitoring the induced trap loss of BaCl${}^{+}$ ions as a function of excitation wavelength… 
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