Molecular insights into human daily behavior.

  title={Molecular insights into human daily behavior.},
  author={Steven A. Brown and D. Kunz and Amelie Dumas and P{\aa}l O. Westermark and Katja Vanselow and Amely Tilmann-Wahnschaffe and Hanspeter Herzel and Achim Kramer},
  journal={Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America},
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Human beings exhibit wide variation in their timing of daily behavior. We and others have suggested previously that such differences might arise because of alterations in the period length of the endogenous human circadian oscillator. Using dermal fibroblast cells from skin biopsies of 28 subjects of early and late chronotype (11 "larks" and 17 "owls"), we have studied the circadian period lengths of these two groups, as well as their ability to phase-shift and entrain to environmental and… CONTINUE READING