Molecular imaging of halocynthia papillosa cellulose

  title={Molecular imaging of halocynthia papillosa cellulose},
  author={Helbert and Nishiyama and Okano and Sugiyama},
  journal={Journal of structural biology},
  volume={124 1},
The molecular organization of cellulose Ibeta microfibrils in the tunic of Halocynthia papillosa was analyzed by high-resolution cryoelectron microscopy on ultrathin cross sections of artificially highly oriented microfibrils. The arrangement of cellulose chains intersected by the 0.6-, 0.53-, and 0.39-nm equatorial lattice planes was clearly imaged over the whole area of a parallelogram-shaped cross section of a microfibril. One, edge of the parallelogram was parallel to the 0.6-nm lattice… CONTINUE READING

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