Molecular histogenesis of plasmablastic lymphoma of the oral cavity.

  title={Molecular histogenesis of plasmablastic lymphoma of the oral cavity.},
  author={Gianluca Gaidano and Michaela Cerri and Daniela Capello and Eva Berra and Clara Deambrogi and Davide Rossi and Luigi Maria Larocca and El{\'i}as Campo and Annunziata Gloghini and Umberto Tirelli and Antonino Carbone},
  journal={British journal of haematology},
  volume={119 3},
Plasmablastic lymphoma (PBL) of the oral cavity is an aggressive B-cell lymphoma associated with human immunodeficiency virus infection. Although the lymphoma phenotype is consistent with late B-cell maturation, the molecular histogenesis of PBL is unknown. We investigated PBL of the oral cavity (n = 12) for mutations of immunoglobulin variable heavy chain (IgVH) and BCL-6 genes, which are acquired by B cells at the time of germinal centre (GC) transit, and for expression of BCL-6, MUM-1 and… CONTINUE READING
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