Molecular genetics of biosurfactant synthesis in microorganisms.

  title={Molecular genetics of biosurfactant synthesis in microorganisms.},
  author={Surekha K. Satpute and Smita S Bhuyan and Karishma Rajendra Pardesi and Shilpa S Mujumdar and Prashant K. Dhakephalkar and Ashvini M Shete and Balu Anand Chopade},
  journal={Advances in experimental medicine and biology},
Biosurfactant (BS)/bioemulsifier (BE) produced by varied microorganisms exemplify immense structural/functional diversity and consequently signify the involvement of particular molecular machinery in their biosynthesis. The present chapter aims to compile information on molecular genetics of BS/BE production in microorganisms. Polymer synthesis in Acinetobacter species is controlled by an intricate operon system and its further excretion being controlled by enzymes. Quorum sensing system (QSS… CONTINUE READING


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