Molecular genetical analysis of Drosophila ether sensitive mutants.

  title={Molecular genetical analysis of Drosophila ether sensitive mutants.},
  author={Sumiko Gamo and Katsuyuki Dodo and Hitoshi Matakatsu and Yoshikazu Tanaka},
  journal={Toxicology letters},
1. For a genetical approach to the molecular mechanisms of general anesthesia, we isolated 14 Drosophila transposon tagging mutants which showed altered sensitivities to diethylether anesthesia. Two mutated genes were identified and analyzed for their structures and functions. 2. One sensitive mutant, para(hd838), has a transposon, P-element, insertion in the 2nd intron of para locus (14C) which encodes an alpha subunit of a sodium channel. 3. Another sensitive mutant, eth(as)311. has a P… CONTINUE READING

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