Molecular functions of small regulatory noncoding RNA

  title={Molecular functions of small regulatory noncoding RNA},
  author={Yong-mao Huang and Ji Liang Zhang and Xue Li Yu and Ting Sheng Xu and Zhan Bin Wang and Xiang Cheng},
  journal={Biochemistry (Moscow)},
Recently, using large-scale genomic sequencing, a great number of small noncoding RNAs (ncRNA) has been discovered. Short ncRNAs can be classified into three major classes — small interfering RNA (siRNA), microRNA (miRNA), and piwi-interacting RNA (piRNA). These short ncRNAs ranging from 20 to 300 nt in size are now recognized as a new paradigm of gene regulation for controlling many biological processes. In this paper, we review the biogenesis and recent research on the functions of small… CONTINUE READING


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