Molecular evidence that Reticulomyxa filosa is a freshwater naked foraminifer.

  title={Molecular evidence that Reticulomyxa filosa is a freshwater naked foraminifer.},
  author={Jan Pawlowski and Ignacio Bolivar and Jos{\'e} F. Fahrni and Colomban de Vargas and Samuel S. Bowser},
  journal={The Journal of eukaryotic microbiology},
  volume={46 6},
Reticulomyxa filosa is a freshwater protist possessing fine granular, branching and anastomosing pseudopodia and therefore traditionally placed in the class Granuloreticulosea, order Athalamida, as a sister group to the order Foraminiferida. Recent studies have revealed remarkable similarities in pseudopodial motility and ultrastructure between R. filosa and foraminifera (e.g. Allogromia laticollaris), prompting us to conduct a molecular phylogenetic analysis of these seemingly disparate… CONTINUE READING

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