Molecular epidemiology of rabies in Indonesia.

  title={Molecular epidemiology of rabies in Indonesia.},
  author={Heru Susetya and Makoto Sugiyama and Akio Inagaki and Naoto Ito and Gatot Mudiarto and Nobuyuki Minamoto},
  journal={Virus research},
  volume={135 1},
In order to clarify the genetic relationships and dynamics of rabies viruses that are epidemic in Indonesia, we determined and analyzed 1307 nucleotides of nucleoprotein genes of 34 rabies field isolates collected from Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Flores islands. Results of phylogenetic analysis indicated that rabies isolates in Indonesia formed one cluster, were of Asian lineage, and were closely related to a rabies isolate in China rather than to rabies isolates in Thailand, India… CONTINUE READING